Wedding Gifts: 5 Ideal options from Yasuda 2020

Mangshir has started and so has the wedding season. Whilst the wedding vibe is toned down this year because of the pandemic, make your friends and family who are tying the knot this year by sending them special gifts. 

Weddings are special occasions, once in a lifetime. Gone are the days when anything could be wrapped and given as a gift. And thus the confusion of a wedding gift is absolutely justified. Are you looking to strike a balance between your budget and the utility of your gift? If yes, then Yasuda has a variety of options that you’ll love. 

Here are 5 ideal wedding gifts to choose from that will ensure that your gift will be as memorable as it will be utility based. 

  1. Heaters 

With the onset of the winter season, the weather has gotten chilly. Heaters can make for an ideal wedding gift, especially in this cold season. Make a statement by giving a gift that is as warm as your heart! 

Yasuda has a variety of heaters to choose from. Our most popular heaters include the halogen heater range that comes in different sizes and colors. Pick your choice!

Browse here for heaters options by Yasuda. 

  1. Kitchenware 

Kitchenwares are perhaps one of the most popular wedding gifts for a long long time. You can almost always recall your mother pointing towards a cooker and saying this was a wedding gift! The kitchen is of course an indispensable part of a house and a new family, thus the age old popularity of kitchenware as wedding gifts. 

Choose tradition mixed with modern utility as you pick a kitchenware for wedding gifts. Yasuda has a range of kitchenware to fit your gift needs. We have water heaters for this cold Mangshir season, mixers to spice up the kitchen recipes, rice cookers and pressure cookers which are essentials for a Nepali kitchen and water dispensers.  

3. TVs

If you’d like to splurge on the gift you are giving, TVs are a good choice. As a new journey of conjugal life begins, a TV is perfect to place right at the heart of the new home. Also, the TV lasts for many many years, and your gift will remind your receiver of the strong bond you both share, which is every time they turn on their TV! 

Yasuda has a range of TVs from Normal LED to SMART TVs to 4K SMART TVs. Make your pick by browsing through our range here

4. Washing Machine 

5. ACs

Step up your wedding gift by adding an AC onto the list! Yes, why not. Gone are the days when ACs were only an office requirement. With the rise in air pollution, having an AC is an ideal choice for homes as well. Yasuda ACs also come with healthy filters that purify the air – an added bonus to gift an AC and help the new couple start a healthier life. 

Browse here for ACs by Yasuda. 

Which gift is your favorite? Which one would you like to receive and which would you like to give this wedding season? Are you going to go for budget plus utility mode or going to splurge a little on the expenses and add a big budget gift for your friends and family? 

Drop by at a Yasuda retailer to find the perfect gift for this season. Or call us at: 9849714985

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