About Us

Yasuda, a home appliance brand is part of many Nepalese Family and is striving every day to perfectly shape new experiences.

We all have a vivid memory of the Television box in our hall room, where the whole family gathered in the evening and everyone would watch News Channel and comedy series. The Television box has changed to super narrow bezel with 4K resolution; many such new jargons have been introduced to our dictionary and all these time Yasuda has been an integral part of crafting the experiences.

Born in 2005, Yasuda has a huge range of home appliance and is continuously updating its products with the latest technology. Yasuda stands upright in its root strength as a home appliance brand that is affordable for households.

Yasuda has an assortment of appliances ranging from LED TV, Air Conditioner, refrigerator, halogen heater, electric fan, and LED bulb.  It is often said, home is where the heart is, but the heart of the home is the kitchen, and Yasuda has a range of kitchen appliance which includes rice cooker, mixer grinder, kettle, and vacuum bottle.

Yasuda, a homegrown brand is close to the heart of its founders, employees, and customers. With the purpose of making lives better for every home in Nepal, this Family is growing strong day by day.