3 Reasons Yasuda is right for you

The brands that stay in your home become a part of your home. They become a part of your family, your growth, and your security. Since 2007, Yasuda has been a part of thousands of homes. If you are thinking of buying a Yasuda product to keep at your home, or if you already have one or more, here are 3 reasons why Yasuda was the right choice, is the right choice, and will continue to be the right choice. 

  1. We understand your values

At Yasuda, we understand your need of finding good quality products with a range of features at an affordable price. You don’t have to wait 5, 6, 7 years for the idea of having a smart TV or a washing machine because of the price tag that comes with it. You can invest in your needs, today, at a price range you are most comfortable with. Buying products for your place is an important step of turning your house into home. We are here to accompany you in this journey. 

  1. We have a range of products to bring out your personality 

From ACs for your corporate office to rice cookers for a healthy kitchen to washing machines for a quick and clean wash, Yasuda has hundreds of products to choose from. Choose products that best fit your personality and the vibe of your place. Mix and match our products to add your unique touch – colors, price ranges, functions, and features. We are here to enhance your space and give it your personality. 

  1. We have you covered wherever you are 

Doesn’t matter which part of Nepal you are in – in the relaxing mountains or in the bustling cities of Terai, Yasuda has you covered. With a distribution channel of 450 dealers spread all across Nepal, a Yasuda product is always nearby. In 2011, just after 5 years of its start, Yasuda became one of the most popular brands in Nepal with this extensive dealers network. We are always closeby.