After a great day of cooking, making, and eating, it’s time for cleaning! But perhaps it’s not one of your favorite things on the to-do list. Well, it’s there, and what can you do but get along with it? But what if you knew some hacks to make your life a little bit easier? Read along for some quick cleaning hacks for your kitchen. 

  • Easy cleaning for your mixer 

You’ve made all the masalas you want, squeezed all your favorite fruits into juice, and the mixer is a mess. Worry not, pour warm water into the mixer and switch on the power. As the mixer starts to turn its blades, the machine will become cleaner. You can also add lemon or vinegar.

  • Use a small brush to clean the toaster

A toaster is a handy machine. Nothing tastes like a good old toast with some butter and jam. But well, how do you clean that machine? You might be turning it upside down and giving a slight nudge to let the crumbs fall. Use a small brush to remove those extra small crumbs stuck inside the toaster.

  • Keep odors out of your garbage bins 

Nobody likes stinky garbage. But garbage stinks, and that’s the fact. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it stinking and bear the odors. Use a cotton ball and soak it in essential oil (you can choose your favorite – lavender, rose, or anything else), and keep the ball in the trash bin. Now, your garbage won’t stink that bad.

  • Old Newspapers for your cabinet

Wiping your cabinet can consume so much of your time. Imagine unloading all the kitchen utensils you have and then cleaning the cabinet. Then, putting all the stuff back in! An easy way to cut down one step is to use old newspapers as the base layer for your cabinet. No more wiping! You can easily replace the old dirty papers with new ones.

  • Vacuum your cabinets

If you don’t like using papers for your cabinet, do not worry. Here’s another hack. Vacuum them! Using the vacuum will help you remove the minute dust particles that hand wiping might have missed – a thoroughly cleaned cabinet for your hygienic kitchen.

  • Use a different colored sponge for a different purpose

Do you tend to confuse the sponge used to wipe dirty counters with the cleans one used for your dining table? Solve this problem by using different colored sponges for different purposes. Now you never have to be confused again.

  • Cut the sponge on the corner

You can use different colored sponges for different purposes. But what if you still have old stock from the last purchase? Just cut the corner of the sponge that you use for the dirty counters. Problem solved!

  • The laundry bag method

Surprise visitors to the kitchen? Use the laundry bag method. Keep all the things that need cleaning or arranging in a separate bag, box, or bin and hide them from view. Now, your kitchen is as clean as it can be.

  • Set a timer to get you motivated to finish

Maybe you’ve heard of the Pomodoro method, where you set a timer for 25 minutes and get on with your task without interruptions. Why not use this method for the kitchen too? Set a timer on your phone, and get going! You’ll know how much faster the cleaning happens without the interruptions of daily life from social media to emails. 

How did you find our list of hacks? Which one have you been using, and which one will you be using next to keep your kitchen super clean? Let us know in the comments. 

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