5 tips to Reorganize Your Fridge

How many times do you open your fridge in a day? Once? Twice? Countless times? Chances are it’s countless times! 

Where’s the veggies? In the fridge. Where’s the milk? In the fridge. Where’s the sauce? In the fridge. This invention of the humankind named fridge or refrigerator is something we cannot do without. For a house to become a home, a fridge is a must have. These days event upscale hotel rooms have a tiny fridge to keep your food company. 

Now since you open the fridge so many many times in a day, how about we spice it up a bit. Organize your fridge just like you’d organize your room or your work desk. Yup! reorganize your fridge and take it to the next level. The fridge stores the most important thing in the world – your food, it’s time you take it to the next level too. 

Bonus point: a well organized fridge not only looks and feels good but also helps you save food from wastage. 

Here are 5 tips to reorganize your fridge. 

1. Get the Containers

One of the most popular methods of arranging things in your room is having containers/drawers/baskets. The same is true for fridges. Chances are most of us barely add any extra detail to the fridge other than the default shelves that come with it. Get the containers to separate sections and chunk similar food together.

You can get a bit artsy here by adding some calligraphic touch to your containers by naming them – dairy, veggies, sauces, etc. What else do you have in mind? 

2. Keep soon to expire food at the front

How many times have you taken out a packaged food only to find that the date has expired? All that you can do then is to throw it out in the bin. Keep soon to expire food in a separate container and keep it at the front so that you know which one to eat soon.

3. Keep food that does not require very cold temperatures at the door 

The door is the warmest part of the fridge. Also the constant opening and closing is likely to cause the fluctuations in temperatures. Foods that do not require cold temperatures and can withstand the fluctuations are good to keep here like ketchup, juices, condiments. While milk and egg might seem like the best thing to keep there, they aren’t. 

4. Keep ready to eat food at the upper shelf, dairy, milk, meat in the lower shelf

Ready to eat food and leftovers are suitable to be placed at the upper shelf. The upper region is where the temperature is mostly consistent. The fridge is coldest at the bottom shelves. Thus foods that need cold temperature like meat, dairy, eggs, can go on the lower shelves. 

5. Separate fruits and veggies in the crisper drawer

Most likely you’ve seen the drawer like compartment in your fridge. These are called crispers which is a special compartment that has a different level of humidity from the rest of the areas which helps preserve freshness. This is most suitable for veggies and fruits. However, keep these two in separate drawers. Mixing them isn’t ideal as some fruits produce chemicals that help to ripen them which can spoil other veggies. 

Which tip will you be using the first? Which tip are you already using? 

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