Warm Up Your Winter: Heaters by Yasuda (Models, Features, and Prices 2020)

With the arrival of winter, the mercury is falling. Chilly winds, sweaters, jackets, and heaters are the undeniable signs of winters in Nepal. For these chilly months ahead, Yasuda has a wide selection of heaters with many models, features, and prices to warm up your winter.

  1. Halogen Heaters

With the rise of the popularity of halogen heaters, it has been a winter essential for homes and offices. Halogen heaters work by using halogens that produce heat when plugged into an electric source. This heater uses heat through halogen elements that are safely enclosed inside lamps or bulbs which ensure maximum safety. Halogen heaters are lightweight and easily portable and provide instant heating. Place it under your working desk as you type in those reports or besides your sofa for a lazy and warm evening.

One of the most popular methods of heating for winters, Yasuda has 4 models of halogen heaters to choose from with the following features for each model:

  • Seesaw switch control 
  • Safety tip over switch
  • Tilt prevention 
  • Wide angle oscillation
  • Quick large scale heating

2. Carbon Heater

One of the new arrivals at Yasuda is the range of carbon heaters. Carbon heaters use carbon fiber as it’s heating element. They emit more medium and far infrared heat. The far infrared heat is good for the human body. The softer radiant heat produced by this heater is better at heating the human skin. Carbon heaters can also provide more heat at a lower Watt than a halogen heater, which makes it more economic in the long run.

Yasuda has two Carbon heaters for you to choose from with the following features:

Model: YS-H12C

Heating Power Setts: 500W, 1000W

Color: Red

Additional Feature: ABS Body

Model: YS-H13C

Heating Power Setts: 500W, 1000W

Color: Gray and Black

3. Gas Heater

A popular choice for winter heaters is the gas heater. One of the main advantages of the gas heater is that it does not require electricity. It is portable to places where finding electric sources might be a hassle and perfect to keep warm in case of power shortages or power cuts. The wheels under the main base makes it suitable to move around as well.

Yasuda’s gas heater also comes with quartz tubes, giving additional functions when plugged into an electric source.

The gas + quartz tube heater comes with the following features:

Available in Black and Coffee Colour

– Gas +  Quartz Tube

-Piezo electric ignition mode

-Quartz tube power: 550W/1000W/1500W 220-240V, 50-60Hz

-Gas Power Setting: 1.4KW/2.8KW/4.2KW

-Flame-failure protection device

-Castors for easy movement

-Space for Gas Cylinder upto 15kg

-The LPG gas heater container CO2 Sensor

4. Blower Heater 

If you’re looking for instant heating, but would not want to stay near the heater to stay warm, the blower heater is a good choice for you. This heater blows air and makes the surrounding warmer so that you do not freeze in this cold weather.

Blower heater by Yasuda comes with the following features:

– Adjustable thermostat Knob

– 2 fans for faster heateing

– Low and high heating positions

– Night light for visibility

– Adjustable Stand

Which heater will you be buying this winter? Call up a Yasuda retailer/dealer today to see your favorite heaters and keep your winters warm.

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