5 tips to Reorganize Your Fridge

How many times do you open your fridge in a day? Once? Twice? Countless times? Chances are it’s countless times! 

Where’s the veggies? In the fridge. Where’s the milk? In the fridge. Where’s the sauce? In the fridge. This invention of the humankind named fridge or refrigerator is something we cannot do without. For a house to become a home, a fridge is a must have. These days event upscale hotel rooms have a tiny fridge to keep your food company. 

Now since you open the fridge so many many times in a day, how about we spice it up a bit. Organize your fridge just like you’d organize your room or your work desk. Yup! reorganize your fridge and take it to the next level. The fridge stores the most important thing in the world – your food, it’s time you take it to the next level too. 

Bonus point: a well organized fridge not only looks and feels good but also helps you save food from wastage. 

Here are 5 tips to reorganize your fridge. 

1. Get the Containers

One of the most popular methods of arranging things in your room is having containers/drawers/baskets. The same is true for fridges. Chances are most of us barely add any extra detail to the fridge other than the default shelves that come with it. Get the containers to separate sections and chunk similar food together.

You can get a bit artsy here by adding some calligraphic touch to your containers by naming them – dairy, veggies, sauces, etc. What else do you have in mind? 

2. Keep soon to expire food at the front

How many times have you taken out a packaged food only to find that the date has expired? All that you can do then is to throw it out in the bin. Keep soon to expire food in a separate container and keep it at the front so that you know which one to eat soon.

3. Keep food that does not require very cold temperatures at the door 

The door is the warmest part of the fridge. Also the constant opening and closing is likely to cause the fluctuations in temperatures. Foods that do not require cold temperatures and can withstand the fluctuations are good to keep here like ketchup, juices, condiments. While milk and egg might seem like the best thing to keep there, they aren’t. 

4. Keep ready to eat food at the upper shelf, dairy, milk, meat in the lower shelf

Ready to eat food and leftovers are suitable to be placed at the upper shelf. The upper region is where the temperature is mostly consistent. The fridge is coldest at the bottom shelves. Thus foods that need cold temperature like meat, dairy, eggs, can go on the lower shelves. 

5. Separate fruits and veggies in the crisper drawer

Most likely you’ve seen the drawer like compartment in your fridge. These are called crispers which is a special compartment that has a different level of humidity from the rest of the areas which helps preserve freshness. This is most suitable for veggies and fruits. However, keep these two in separate drawers. Mixing them isn’t ideal as some fruits produce chemicals that help to ripen them which can spoil other veggies. 

Which tip will you be using the first? Which tip are you already using? 

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New Year Resolution of Yasuda Family

It’s time for the new year! Yasuda family is all set with our new year resolutions to help you live a smarter, healthier, happier life. 

Do you want to know what resolutions we have in store for you? Read on.

My resolution is to give you top quality screen resolution!
And to help you find new ways to enjoy your TV with wifi connection.

I am aiming to keep your air healthier with my 3-in-one healthy filters and to save your electricity bills while also putting less pressure on the environment!

To keep your hands supple and soft, away from the
hard detergents and the cold, as I wash all your clothes!

Planning to get into cooking mode, worry not, I am all set.
That’s my resolution to help you get fitter with food

With a 10 year warranty, I’m here to be with you
for as long as I can. That’s my resolution!

Yes, that’s my resolution this year as we go
through this cold winter together. 

My main new year resolution is to keep you warm and cozy
throughout this cold winter!

I am aiming to keep your air healthier with my 3-in-one healthy filters and to save your electricity bills while also putting less pressure on the environment!

My resolution this year and all the years is to provide you
with boiling water for your coffee, tea, noodles, and more!

To take away your worries of overcooking or undercooking your staple food as you enjoy your time in the kitchen is my new year resolution.

Wedding Gifts: 5 Ideal options from Yasuda 2020

Mangshir has started and so has the wedding season. Whilst the wedding vibe is toned down this year because of the pandemic, make your friends and family who are tying the knot this year by sending them special gifts. 

Weddings are special occasions, once in a lifetime. Gone are the days when anything could be wrapped and given as a gift. And thus the confusion of a wedding gift is absolutely justified. Are you looking to strike a balance between your budget and the utility of your gift? If yes, then Yasuda has a variety of options that you’ll love. 

Here are 5 ideal wedding gifts to choose from that will ensure that your gift will be as memorable as it will be utility based. 

  1. Heaters 

With the onset of the winter season, the weather has gotten chilly. Heaters can make for an ideal wedding gift, especially in this cold season. Make a statement by giving a gift that is as warm as your heart! 

Yasuda has a variety of heaters to choose from. Our most popular heaters include the halogen heater range that comes in different sizes and colors. Pick your choice!

Browse here for heaters options by Yasuda. 

  1. Kitchenware 

Kitchenwares are perhaps one of the most popular wedding gifts for a long long time. You can almost always recall your mother pointing towards a cooker and saying this was a wedding gift! The kitchen is of course an indispensable part of a house and a new family, thus the age old popularity of kitchenware as wedding gifts. 

Choose tradition mixed with modern utility as you pick a kitchenware for wedding gifts. Yasuda has a range of kitchenware to fit your gift needs. We have water heaters for this cold Mangshir season, mixers to spice up the kitchen recipes, rice cookers and pressure cookers which are essentials for a Nepali kitchen and water dispensers.  

3. TVs

If you’d like to splurge on the gift you are giving, TVs are a good choice. As a new journey of conjugal life begins, a TV is perfect to place right at the heart of the new home. Also, the TV lasts for many many years, and your gift will remind your receiver of the strong bond you both share, which is every time they turn on their TV! 

Yasuda has a range of TVs from Normal LED to SMART TVs to 4K SMART TVs. Make your pick by browsing through our range here

4. Washing Machine 

5. ACs

Step up your wedding gift by adding an AC onto the list! Yes, why not. Gone are the days when ACs were only an office requirement. With the rise in air pollution, having an AC is an ideal choice for homes as well. Yasuda ACs also come with healthy filters that purify the air – an added bonus to gift an AC and help the new couple start a healthier life. 

Browse here for ACs by Yasuda. 

Which gift is your favorite? Which one would you like to receive and which would you like to give this wedding season? Are you going to go for budget plus utility mode or going to splurge a little on the expenses and add a big budget gift for your friends and family? 

Drop by at a Yasuda retailer to find the perfect gift for this season. Or call us at: 9849714985

Warm Up Your Winter: Heaters by Yasuda (Models, Features, and Prices 2020)

With the arrival of winter, the mercury is falling. Chilly winds, sweaters, jackets, and heaters are the undeniable signs of winters in Nepal. For these chilly months ahead, Yasuda has a wide selection of heaters with many models, features, and prices to warm up your winter.

  1. Halogen Heaters

With the rise of the popularity of halogen heaters, it has been a winter essential for homes and offices. Halogen heaters work by using halogens that produce heat when plugged into an electric source. This heater uses heat through halogen elements that are safely enclosed inside lamps or bulbs which ensure maximum safety. Halogen heaters are lightweight and easily portable and provide instant heating. Place it under your working desk as you type in those reports or besides your sofa for a lazy and warm evening.

One of the most popular methods of heating for winters, Yasuda has 4 models of halogen heaters to choose from with the following features for each model:

  • Seesaw switch control 
  • Safety tip over switch
  • Tilt prevention 
  • Wide angle oscillation
  • Quick large scale heating

2. Carbon Heater

One of the new arrivals at Yasuda is the range of carbon heaters. Carbon heaters use carbon fiber as it’s heating element. They emit more medium and far infrared heat. The far infrared heat is good for the human body. The softer radiant heat produced by this heater is better at heating the human skin. Carbon heaters can also provide more heat at a lower Watt than a halogen heater, which makes it more economic in the long run.

Yasuda has two Carbon heaters for you to choose from with the following features:

Model: YS-H12C

Heating Power Setts: 500W, 1000W

Color: Red

Additional Feature: ABS Body

Model: YS-H13C

Heating Power Setts: 500W, 1000W

Color: Gray and Black

3. Gas Heater

A popular choice for winter heaters is the gas heater. One of the main advantages of the gas heater is that it does not require electricity. It is portable to places where finding electric sources might be a hassle and perfect to keep warm in case of power shortages or power cuts. The wheels under the main base makes it suitable to move around as well.

Yasuda’s gas heater also comes with quartz tubes, giving additional functions when plugged into an electric source.

The gas + quartz tube heater comes with the following features:

Available in Black and Coffee Colour

– Gas +  Quartz Tube

-Piezo electric ignition mode

-Quartz tube power: 550W/1000W/1500W 220-240V, 50-60Hz

-Gas Power Setting: 1.4KW/2.8KW/4.2KW

-Flame-failure protection device

-Castors for easy movement

-Space for Gas Cylinder upto 15kg

-The LPG gas heater container CO2 Sensor

4. Blower Heater 

If you’re looking for instant heating, but would not want to stay near the heater to stay warm, the blower heater is a good choice for you. This heater blows air and makes the surrounding warmer so that you do not freeze in this cold weather.

Blower heater by Yasuda comes with the following features:

– Adjustable thermostat Knob

– 2 fans for faster heateing

– Low and high heating positions

– Night light for visibility

– Adjustable Stand

Which heater will you be buying this winter? Call up a Yasuda retailer/dealer today to see your favorite heaters and keep your winters warm.

3 Ways to get the best out of your SMART TV

Do you own a SMART TV? Or are you planning to get one soon for your home? Are you wondering how to put your SMART TV to the best use? We have some ways for you!

Since the invention of the first television in the early 20th century, television has evoked many thoughts. Some say it’s one of the best inventions of all time, while some argue about the downsides brought by television. What remains true is that the television has become an indispensable part of our lives. With the introduction of SMART TVs (television with internet accessibility and applications), the TV has taken on a completely different form. With a SMART TV a wide range of activities which were almost impossible with the normal TV is now at the tip of your fingers.

Here are three ways to get the best out of your SMART TV. And if you don’t have one, you might consider adding one to your home.

Big screen, big learning

One of the best things about SMART TV is its size. A TV screen is bigger than the average computer screen. This bigger size makes the TV ideal for learning things through your screen. As the world has gone widely digital with the onset of the worldwide pandemic, learning on your screen is a part of this new normal. A bigger screen size means you can see the videos more clearly.

If you’re a Yoga enthusiast, turn on your SMART TV and browse the latest tutorials. If you like to workout, you can now stream the classes and videos on a bigger screen which gives you a better idea about the actions and steps shown. How about trying some dancing lessons online? You can learn to play an instrument – watch the musical notations on the screen while you practice, take up an art class and many more.

The things you can learn on the internet is endless; with your SMART TV, it goes one step further giving you extra comfort and edge.

Declutter your life 

One of the most popular things to do on the internet is to stream, stream, and stream. With the onset of platforms like youtube, Netflix, Hulu, it’s easier to watch more of your favorite web series, TV shows, and more. Most likely these streamings happened over the computer due to the necessity of the internet to login to these platforms.

If you’re an avid user of these platforms on your computer screen, you might be spending a lot of your time with your computer along with the discomfort of sitting on your chair/desk for a long stretch. Chances are you also use the same computer for work. And if you’re working from home, your computer is suddenly your entire workspace, fun space, connection space. How about you declutter your life, head over to your sofa, and stream straight from your SMART TV? Your favorite shows, movies, web series from your comfortable sofa! Let your computer be your workspace and your living room the fun space as it always was.

Compatible with your smartphone 

Do you recall the time when your entire family wanted to see that family holiday video and were hovering over the tiny phone of yours? Now, you can simply turn your TV into your smartphone screen.

One of the best features of the SMART TV is how compatible it can be with your smartphone. With the use of the Miracast feature, your SMART TV can directly mirror your smartphone without the need to plug in wires or cables. Now you can watch video clips or photographs from your phone on the TV screen, view apps from your phone on the TV and more.

These were three uses for your SMART TV. How do you use your SMART TV to upgrade your lifestyle? Do you have more interesting ways?

Browse for SMART TVs from Yasuda and pick the most compatible TV for your house. Your dream TV is one click away.