7 Reasons to buy an Induction Cooker Stove

With power cuts no longer in effect, induction cookers have become quite popular in Nepal in the past few years. The induction cooker comes with features that make it one of the best choices for your kitchen. If you’re still not sure about using the induction cooker, here are seven reasons why you should invest in one.  One of the advantages of an induction cooker is the ease of cleaning. The appliance comes with a smooth and plain surface. One single wipe with a cloth will leave it clean and managed. Alternatively, if you spilled or overboiled anything in a gas stove, you’d have to open the entire stove to get a 100% clean look.  The induction stove generates quick heat in comparison to electric and gas stoves. You do not have to wait for the heat to transfer to the pan. The pan heats up directly after placing it on the stove, thus saving time and providing quick heat.  With gas stoves, it is often difficult to control heat as desired as the pan heats up after some time and requires some more time for cooling. In the case of an induction cooker, you can easily control the temperature and heat as needed with the temperature buttons. The heat supply is cut off as soon as the pan is removed from the appliance.  Perhaps, one of the most important features of an induction stove and cooker is its safety. There is less risk of fire hazards as there are no flames and will not catch other objects like clothes on fire because it only heats items that are specifically made for the appliance. The induction cooker also turns off when the pan/cookware is removed, providing even more safety for your kitchen.  Induction cookers do not emit gases that might be hazardous to your health. Thus, also maintaining the air quality.  Compared to electric stoves and gas stoves, induction cookers are more energy efficient. The appliance does not directly heat up. Instead, the flow of current from the ‘element’ creates an electromagnetic field that generates heat on the pots and pans placed above. Your pots and pan become the source of heat instead of the cooker being the source of heat. Heat loss is, therefore, minimized while increasing safety.  Induction cookers come with cooking options that operate the appliance with the ideal heat for a particular cooking method. Now you do not need to worry about the perfect temperature to boil your milk, steam your vegetables, or fry your potatoes.  Induction cookers are available in a variety of styles to match the feel of your kitchen. The induction cooker is also very portable – all you need is electricity and the stove itself!  Do you agree with our list? What are your favorite features of an induction cooker? Are you planning to buy an induction cooker for your kitchen soon?  Visit Yasuda store or contact our nearest retailer to find the most suitable Yasuda induction cookers for your kitchen. 

Beat the Heat with Yasuda Coolers 2021: New Product Watch

Summer is here, and so is the heat. But don’t you worry. With the newly available Yasuda Cooler Series, you can beat the heat and enjoy summer to the best with colorful clothes, watermelons, chilled drinks, and whatnots! It’s time to push aside the jackets and head out to the summer sun. 

Yasuda Cooler Series are fitted with advanced features so that you can get the best out of this summer. We have ten new coolers in this series to fit your needs. You can place these coolers in office spaces, conference rooms, or at homes. Read along to find out about the available features. 

General Features

  1. Special Honey Comb Pads

Like beehives, the honeycomb cooling pads have water retention compartments. This function helps to elevate water retention capacity transforming humid air into cool air. The honeycomb pads provide efficient cooling for a long time with a better appearance. These pads also require less maintenance and last longer

  1. Dust Filter

With rising air pollution filtering dust is one of the major priorities. Our coolers come with a dust filter that helps to filter dust particles in the air. The air you receive is of purer and better quality. 

  1. Low Energy Consumption

The ten available models of coolers have different energy consumption levels depending on their capacity. Our design and technology ensure that our coolers provide maximum cooling at low energy levels. Low energy consumption also ensures cost savings. 

  1. Works on Inverter

Sudden power cuts don’t mean you have to deal with the scorching heat of the summer. With low energy consumption, our coolers work on inverters. Now you do not have to worry about abrupt power issues.  

  1. Manual and Remote Control Options 

Yasuda coolers are available in manual and remote control options to suit your needs. For advanced features and mobility, five of our ten models come with a remote control option. We also have touch and manual options fitted in our models. 

  1. Stylish Designs in various capacities

Our coolers have a sleek and stylish design to fit the ambiance of your environment. You can pick from the ten available models that come in various capacities starting from 15 liters for personal spaces up to 70 liters for bigger rooms. 

  1. Castor Roller for easy mobility 

For us, your comfort and efficiency are of the highest importance. All ten coolers come with a castor roller for easy mobility around the room. 

  1. ISO Certified Manufacturer

Our coolers are manufactured at an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company to ensure that you receive the highest quality at the most affordable price. 

5 Reasons to get an AC in 2021

Air Conditioners (ACs) used to be a luxury, but now they are becoming a necessity. The benefits of air conditioners can be experienced by many more homes and offices as technology continues to improve and be available at affordable prices. As we approach the summer of 2021, this might be a good time to invest in an air conditioner for your home or office. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should get an air conditioner (AC). 

  1. Health Benefits  

Having an air conditioner in your home or office helps improve your overall health. Air pollution has become one of the major concerns of the 21st century. We are not very far from the problems that air pollution brings. Filters fitted in an air conditioner help in air purification and filtering bacteria. Yasuda Air Conditioners come with a double 3-in-1 healthy filter that purifies your air and keeps harmful bacterias away. Our product comes with many more features like free copper wire, warranties, among others. Click here to read more about the features of Yasuda air conditioners. 

Air purification and bacteria removal can be beneficial for homes and offices with members suffering from allergies and asthma. Air conditioners also monitor the temperature inside the room that helps in minimizing heat-related health issues. Proper cooling can also help reduce cases of dehydration resulting from high temperatures that cause frequent perspiration. 

  1. Better Sleep 

According to health researches, the temperature of your bedroom can directly impact your sleep and sleep quality. During the evening, our body temperature drops slightly, a signal that it is bedtime. 

The most appropriate bedroom temperature for sleep is around 18.3 degrees celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit). There may be a slight variation from person to person. The recommended temperature range for comfortable sleep is between 15.6 degrees to 19.4 degrees Celsius (60 degrees to 67 degrees Fahrenheit). Air conditioners can help maintain the required and the most comfortable temperature as you sleep and rest. 

  1. Increased comfort, efficiency, and productivity

One of the most important things, whether you are at home or the office is comfort. Air conditioners monitor airflow and temperature so that you have a comfortable surrounding. This comfort ensures that you can perform at your best, increasing both your efficiency and productivity. If efficiency and productivity are your themes for 2021, investing in an air conditioner might be a step forward. 

  1. Keep electronic devices from overheating 

Overheating is a common problem with electronic devices, from our computers to our phones. Overheating can affect the battery life of the device and also causing functioning problems like loss of data. Having your rooms well air-conditioned might help you reduce these problems as the room temperature can be monitored and controlled as needed. In offices with serves and big electronic devices used for everyday work, proper cooling might be even more crucial. 

  1. Protect Furnishing and Furniture 

Heat, moisture, and humidity impact the furnishing and furniture in your home and office. Leather furniture is affected by the heat in the air which might cause the item to rot over time. Likewise, a damp environment may cause the fabric over furnishings to develop mold. Installing air conditioners that help in heat and temperature regulation might help prevent such problems. 

An air conditioner comes with many benefits that will add value to your home and office. It’s an investment that makes your place more comfortable. The environment of your home and your office is perhaps one of the crucial areas of your life. You spend an incredible amount of your time there. You can now take some aspects of this environment under control in 2021 by getting an air conditioner. 

What reason did you find the most compelling to get an AC? Let us know in the comments. 

Visit the nearest Yasuda dealer or contact us at 9801148884 to know about the range of Air Conditioners available to suit your environment. 

Hit Products 2020 from Yasuda

Are you thinking of buying a Yasuda product for your home and lifestyle? Wondering which products are most in-demand? We have the answers. 2020 was a year of many happenings. At Yasuda, we ensured that you get a wide range of products at the most affordable prices. 

Read along to find what thousands of customers like you brought from the market as we present the Hit Products 2020 from Yasuda. Did your favorite Yasuda product make it? Let’s find out. 

Small Home Appliances

In 2020, there were many small home appliances that our customers purchased. Here are the top 4.

  1. Kettle

Yasuda offers a wide variety of kettles that come in different styles to suit your taste and interior. Yasuda kettles were sold one in a single day, and there were zero complaints in 2020 for this product. 

2. Sports Bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to remain healthy and improve your overall immune system. Yasuda’s sports bottle was in high demand in 2020 with zero complaints. Durable and easy to handle, the Yasuda sports bottle is your companion to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

3. Rice Cooker

Among the many rice cookers that Yasuda offers, our YS-2200P drum model was much loved by the customers. With a sleek-looking design available in two colors and three capacities, this cooker has many more features like 5 hours of keep-warm function, strong packaging, Japanese Design Quality Ferro Technology. 

We also have a blog on dishes you can make in the rice cooker other than rice. Click here to read more. 

  1. Storage Water Geyser

One of the most in-demand products of 2020 was Yasuda’s storage water geyser. Instant water heating is now only a switch away. Our product is ISO/ISI certified with a 5-star rating. It is available in 3 capacities – 10 liters, 15 liters, and 25 liters. You can now choose the storage geyser that best suits your needs. 

Large Appliances

Yasuda Washing Machine and Inverter AC were the top-selling products in the large appliances section. 

  1. Washing machine 

Washing machines from Yasuda can be your best friend for managing your laundry and automating your task. Among the many models available, the YS-FMI85 was the most popular washing machine and one of our top products for 2020. The fully automatic washing machine comes in 8.5kg capacity with a motor warranty of 10 years. Its silver body with chrome knob gives it a stylish and sleek outlook. 

2. Inverter Air Conditioner

The energy-saving inverter air conditioner from Yasuda was one of the popular products from 2020. Our AC comes with 3 in 1 healthy filters to keep bacterias away while keeping your air fresh and healthy. The YS-VTH18 series was the most beloved model in the AC series that comes with a good balance between advanced features and affordability. 

Which Hit Yasuda product are you going to buy? Visit the nearest Yasuda dealer or call us at 9801148884 to know the full range of products we offer for your home and office. 

5 Dishes to make in your rice cooker other than rice

The rice cooker is an amazing invention-never lets our staple food overcook or undercook. Most of us might be using the rice cooker every day. It might even be patiently waiting in the kitchen for its next round of rice cooking. But did you know that the rice cooker can be used to cook many more exciting dishes other than rice? 

If you haven’t got a rice cooker, it is time to get one, and if you’ve kept it aside then time to bring it out, and if it’s already there in the kitchen, make full use of it. Here are 5 dishes you can make in your rice cooker! Yes, the rice cooker. One cooker multiple uses. 

  1. Momos

Now, who doesn’t love momos? Can we Nepalese even survive without it? Bet not. It is almost like our staple food. No wonder then that the same cooker that can cook your rice can also cook your favorite momos. Cook it whenever you feel like munching on the delicious dish made straight in your rice cooker. Fill the momos with your favorite fillings-meat, vegetables, fish, chocolates? The trick is to make use of the steamer tray that you might have got with the cooker.

Find the full recipe here

2. Chocolate Cake 

Yup, you can bake a cake in the rice cooker. If not having an oven has kept you from baking cakes, then it’s time to ignite the baker in you and get to work. Impress yourself, your partner, your children, your colleagues with a chocolate cake baked in your rice cooker. Let this sweet dish melt your heart. You’ll need white flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and baking powder. 

Find the full recipe here and get the baker’s hat out! 

3. Boiled Eggs 

The perfect go-to breakfast – eggs! It’s yummy, it’s healthy, and it’s super easy to make. Difficult to find such a combination. You might like your eggs scrambled, in a pouch, or boiled. Use your rice cooker for the perfectly boiled eggs. You can make use of the steamer tray for your eggs. If you do not have the tray, there is the option to boil eggs without the tray too. 

Follow the full recipe here and have your perfect eggs any time of the day you like. 

4. Pizza/Pizza Buns 

You might have tried pizzas made in ovens, in fires too. How about pizza made in the rice cooker? It’s time to give it a try. Who can resist the pizza! The next time you are looking at your rice cooker on the kitchen counter and wondering what to make, do not be lost-make everyone’s favorite pizza. Alternatively, you can also make pizza buns in the rice cooker, delicious cheese melting out of buns! 

Find the full recipe for rice cooker pizza here, and for rice cooker pizza buns here

5. Pasta/Mac and Cheese 

After the rice cooker pizza, it is now time for some rice cooker pasta-perhaps one of the easiest to cook and yummy too. You can add some meat, take it the non-vegetarian way or have a vegetarian set by skipping the meat and adding extra cheese. Whatever taste you prefer, your rice cooker will be there for you. 

Find the full recipe here and get your lunches and dinners set with the rice cooker pasta. If you like some mac and cheese in the cooker, try the recipe here

Which dish are you going to make right away? It is pizza, or chocolate cake, or your favorite eggs for breakfast? Have you tried making other dishes in the rice cooker? Let us know in the comments. 

To get your rice cooker today, visit our site here, or the nearest Yasuda store. Call us at 9849714985 and let us help you pick the most suitable rice cooker for you today.