Hit Products 2020 from Yasuda

Are you thinking of buying a Yasuda product for your home and lifestyle? Wondering which products are most in-demand? We have the answers. 2020 was a year of many happenings. At Yasuda, we ensured that you get a wide range of products at the most affordable prices. 

Read along to find what thousands of customers like you brought from the market as we present the Hit Products 2020 from Yasuda. Did your favorite Yasuda product make it? Let’s find out. 

Small Home Appliances

In 2020, there were many small home appliances that our customers purchased. Here are the top 4.

  1. Kettle

Yasuda offers a wide variety of kettles that come in different styles to suit your taste and interior. Yasuda kettles were sold one in a single day, and there were zero complaints in 2020 for this product. 

2. Sports Bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to remain healthy and improve your overall immune system. Yasuda’s sports bottle was in high demand in 2020 with zero complaints. Durable and easy to handle, the Yasuda sports bottle is your companion to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

3. Rice Cooker

Among the many rice cookers that Yasuda offers, our YS-2200P drum model was much loved by the customers. With a sleek-looking design available in two colors and three capacities, this cooker has many more features like 5 hours of keep-warm function, strong packaging, Japanese Design Quality Ferro Technology. 

We also have a blog on dishes you can make in the rice cooker other than rice. Click here to read more. 

  1. Storage Water Geyser

One of the most in-demand products of 2020 was Yasuda’s storage water geyser. Instant water heating is now only a switch away. Our product is ISO/ISI certified with a 5-star rating. It is available in 3 capacities – 10 liters, 15 liters, and 25 liters. You can now choose the storage geyser that best suits your needs. 

Large Appliances

Yasuda Washing Machine and Inverter AC were the top-selling products in the large appliances section. 

  1. Washing machine 

Washing machines from Yasuda can be your best friend for managing your laundry and automating your task. Among the many models available, the YS-FMI85 was the most popular washing machine and one of our top products for 2020. The fully automatic washing machine comes in 8.5kg capacity with a motor warranty of 10 years. Its silver body with chrome knob gives it a stylish and sleek outlook. 

2. Inverter Air Conditioner

The energy-saving inverter air conditioner from Yasuda was one of the popular products from 2020. Our AC comes with 3 in 1 healthy filters to keep bacterias away while keeping your air fresh and healthy. The YS-VTH18 series was the most beloved model in the AC series that comes with a good balance between advanced features and affordability. 

Which Hit Yasuda product are you going to buy? Visit the nearest Yasuda dealer or call us at 9801148884 to know the full range of products we offer for your home and office. 

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