5 Dishes to make in your rice cooker other than rice

The rice cooker is an amazing invention-never lets our staple food overcook or undercook. Most of us might be using the rice cooker every day. It might even be patiently waiting in the kitchen for its next round of rice cooking. But did you know that the rice cooker can be used to cook many more exciting dishes other than rice? 

If you haven’t got a rice cooker, it is time to get one, and if you’ve kept it aside then time to bring it out, and if it’s already there in the kitchen, make full use of it. Here are 5 dishes you can make in your rice cooker! Yes, the rice cooker. One cooker multiple uses. 

  1. Momos

Now, who doesn’t love momos? Can we Nepalese even survive without it? Bet not. It is almost like our staple food. No wonder then that the same cooker that can cook your rice can also cook your favorite momos. Cook it whenever you feel like munching on the delicious dish made straight in your rice cooker. Fill the momos with your favorite fillings-meat, vegetables, fish, chocolates? The trick is to make use of the steamer tray that you might have got with the cooker.

Find the full recipe here

2. Chocolate Cake 

Yup, you can bake a cake in the rice cooker. If not having an oven has kept you from baking cakes, then it’s time to ignite the baker in you and get to work. Impress yourself, your partner, your children, your colleagues with a chocolate cake baked in your rice cooker. Let this sweet dish melt your heart. You’ll need white flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and baking powder. 

Find the full recipe here and get the baker’s hat out! 

3. Boiled Eggs 

The perfect go-to breakfast – eggs! It’s yummy, it’s healthy, and it’s super easy to make. Difficult to find such a combination. You might like your eggs scrambled, in a pouch, or boiled. Use your rice cooker for the perfectly boiled eggs. You can make use of the steamer tray for your eggs. If you do not have the tray, there is the option to boil eggs without the tray too. 

Follow the full recipe here and have your perfect eggs any time of the day you like. 

4. Pizza/Pizza Buns 

You might have tried pizzas made in ovens, in fires too. How about pizza made in the rice cooker? It’s time to give it a try. Who can resist the pizza! The next time you are looking at your rice cooker on the kitchen counter and wondering what to make, do not be lost-make everyone’s favorite pizza. Alternatively, you can also make pizza buns in the rice cooker, delicious cheese melting out of buns! 

Find the full recipe for rice cooker pizza here, and for rice cooker pizza buns here

5. Pasta/Mac and Cheese 

After the rice cooker pizza, it is now time for some rice cooker pasta-perhaps one of the easiest to cook and yummy too. You can add some meat, take it the non-vegetarian way or have a vegetarian set by skipping the meat and adding extra cheese. Whatever taste you prefer, your rice cooker will be there for you. 

Find the full recipe here and get your lunches and dinners set with the rice cooker pasta. If you like some mac and cheese in the cooker, try the recipe here

Which dish are you going to make right away? It is pizza, or chocolate cake, or your favorite eggs for breakfast? Have you tried making other dishes in the rice cooker? Let us know in the comments. 

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The kitchen holds a special place in all our hearts. A house cannot be complete without a kitchen; a place where you not only cook but also discover more about your family and yourself; a place that will perhaps never fail to put a smile on your face if there’s some ice cream! 

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What is your go to kitchen appliance from our list? Kettle or induction cooker? Fridge or mixer? Tell us in the comments.